What is the salary of the upper middle class in France? (2023)

What salary is considered upper class in France?

The average salary ranged from 1,534 euros net per month to 2,784 euros net per month in 2021. In France, it is possible to earn an average salary and live comfortably. But if you manage to break into the top 20% of winners (more than 2,784 euros net per month) your lifestyle and quality of life will increase significantly.

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What is an average salary in France?

The middle class in France winsbetween €1,500 and €2,800 net per month. In Paris, a good salary between €3,000 and €4,999 per month is usually considered a good salary to allow a good life in the capital.

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How much is a good salary in France?

In general, a good salary for a comfortable life in France is€3,200 for a single person or €5,600 for someone supporting a family of 3. Cities like Paris, Nice and Lyon have a higher cost of living than other French cities.

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What is the middle class in France?

the petty bourgeoisie: An educated or skilled middle class. They are made up of shopkeepers, low-ranking officials, teachers and skilled craftsmen. cadres These were typically clerical/clerical workers and today would also include lower-skilled IT jobs.

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What salary puts you in the upper class?

According to Pew's analysis, a household of three needs an income of $156,600 to meet the definition of upper class, which equals $156,600.more than double the national average.

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What is the French upper class called?

the bourgeoisie dies(/ˌbʊərʒwɑːˈziː/ (listen) BOORZH-wah-ZEE, French: [buʁʒwazi] (listen)) is a social class corresponding to the middle or upper middle class. They differ from and traditionally contrast with the proletariat because of their wealth and great cultural and financial capital.

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How much do you need to live comfortably in France?

house in France

you need approx€850 to €1000 per monthLive comfortably in the city center (as an individual and without rental costs). Comfortable living in Nantes or Marseille would only cost around 600 to 700 euros per month.

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What salary is considered rich in Europe?

To be considered wealthy, a person must have an income of€3,673 per month ($3,903)— This figure is twice that of the average citizen and includes 4.5 million people in France. A couple with two children under the age of 14 would be considered wealthy if their combined monthly income was €7,713 ($8,267).

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What salary do you need to live in Paris?

The average gross salary in Paris after tax is around€3,921/month. However, it is possible to share an apartment in Paris from €1,500/month. Rent accounts for more than half of spending and grocery shopping accounts for about 25%.

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What is a good salary in Paris?

in general,€60,000 nastyis considered a good salary in Paris - this corresponds to around €40,000 net per year or €3,200 per month. This is much more than the average income of French workers, which is just over 40,000 a year. That's enough to live decently - not frugally, but not wastefully either.

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What is the average rent in France?

Monthly rent

According to Numbeo, current average rents in France are: €525-665 per month for a one-bedroom apartment; 965 to 1,300 euros per month for a three-room apartment.

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Where do the rich live in France?

Himleft bank neighborhoodincludes beautiful streets such as Rue du Bac, Rue de Verneuil and rue de Grenelle. Properties in this neighborhood average €16,846 per square meter, making it the richest in Paris.

What is the salary of the upper middle class in France? (2023)
What is a good gross salary in Paris?

In general,60.000€Gross is considered a good salary in Paris, which translates to around €40,000 after tax per year or €3,200 per month. This is much more than the average income of French workers, which is just over 40,000 a year. This is also enough to live decently, not frugally, but not extravagantly either.

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