What happens if you divorce Sebastian Stardew Valley? (2024)

What happens if you divorce Sebastian Stardew Valley?

After the divorce,the husband will return to his old hometown and will have negative interactions with the player referencing the failure of his marriage. They will also not accept gifts from them.

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Can you get back with someone you broke up with in Stardew Valley?

Can you remarry your ex in Stardew Valley? If you end up regretting your decision, you can go to the witch's hut and communicate with the shrine to erase all the memories of your past husbands. It will cost you 30,000g, but after that you can date and remarry that NPC.

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What happens to your children if you get divorced in Stardew Valley?

Any children the player has had with his previous partner will live on the farm, although. Divorcing spouses has more consequences than just costing a ton of gold.

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Is Sebastian a good husband in Stardew Valley?

If you are looking for a man in Stardew Valley,Sebastian might be the perfect candidate for you. He's easily one of the most popular bachelors in the games, and honestly, what's not to like about him.

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Is Divorce Worth Stardew?

General,Divorce in Stardew Valley is certainly something that should be carefully considered. However, if the players are sure, they should be sure to save enough money. Just like in the real world, a divorce in Stardew Valley can be incredibly expensive.

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Can Sebastian get jealous in Stardew Valley?

Marital jealousy depends on luck. The partner does not get jealous if you talk to someone, give a gift on his or her birthday, or if the single person is not the same gender as the partner. So Seb won't be jealous of Abby, but...he might get jealous if you go out with Sam and give him presents.

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Can you remarry your ex in Stardew?

Yes, you can remarry even if you kept the children and didn't erase their memories. As long as you are divorced.

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Does Haley get jealous in Stardew Valley?

It is possible to get a jealous dialogue from your spouse after giving a gift to another suitor, if the candidate is of the same gender as your spouse and if you already have 8 hearts with this candidate.

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Can you sacrifice your child in Stardew Valley?

Children can be rejected too late by interacting with the dark sanctuary of selfishness in the witch's hut. By offering the shrine a prismatic shard, players can turn children into pigeons, causing them to leave the farm forever. Once discharged, children are gone forever and cannot be returned.

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Can you have more children if you throw away your children in Stardew Valley?

Dismissal of children

One is called the dark sanctuary of selfishness. By presenting a prismatic shard to this shrine, you can "reject" your children, turning them into doves and removing them from your family. There's no way to reverse this once it's done, but...it will enable you to have more children in the future.

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Are your kids growing up in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, players can have up to 2 children at a timethe children can only grow into toddlerhood.

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Who is the hardest person to marry in Stardew Valley?

Lives with his sister in Pelican Town

Haley is a difficult romantic option in Stardew Valley. She seems stubborn and snobbish, and even when she has a romance with her, she can be somewhat mean to the player.

What happens if you divorce Sebastian Stardew Valley? (2024)
Should I marry Elliot or Sebastian?

Is Elliot of Sebastian beter Stardew?Sebastian is great if you like a more independent man who still has a life after you marry him. Elliott is great if you like a lot of silly romantic dialogue. He is also a good father.

Who is the most useful husband in Stardew Valley?

To makeMaruyour Stardew Valley spouse and she will often give you rare materials for different situations. She can also prepare dishes like Crab Cakes and Fried Mushroom, making her one of the best partners in Stardew Valley.

Can you kiss your partner too much Stardew?

You can kiss as much as you want without mods, you only get the stamina bonus/small heart the first time. Do you mean the stamina bonus or something else?

How do I make my divorced husband forget about Stardew Valley?

30,000 grams to erase the memories of all divorced spouses, making it appear as if they were never married. It also erases Krobus' memory if he is an ex-roommate. This effect occurs immediately after using the shrine.

Is Robin married to Stardew Valley?

Robin is married to Demetriusand lives with his daughter Maru and son Sebastian.

Will Sebastian stop smoking Stardew Valley?

He will quit (or at least begin the process of quitting) if you marry him, regardless of which option you choose in the 10-heart event.

What does Sebastian like about Stardew?

  • Frozen tear.
  • Obsidian.
  • Pumpkinsoup.
  • Sashimi.
  • Flame no.
  • All universal loves.
February 26, 2016

Is Sebastian in love with Abigail Stardew?

The game hints at itSebastian may have once been in love with Abigail, and if she is married to Maru, she will tell the player that she wishes "Sebastian would take on Abigail already."

Can you marry two characters from Stardew?

Each suitor brings a fun personality to the farm, as well as unique spaces and gifts. Plus, you can watch their 14 heart cutscenes. However, any player can marry an NPC,each NPC can only have one spouse.

Can I marry my ex-wife in Stardew Valley?

Can you remarry a partner in Stardew?Yes, you can remarry even if you kept the children and didn't erase their memories. As long as you are divorced.

Can you marry multiple women in Stardew Valley?

She achieved that feat withFree Love, a mod that allows you to have multiple spouses. I expected "more" to be maybe three. But even 23 wasn't enough for Yinny, who has now married a total of 63 people in Stardew Valley.

Is Haley the best woman Stardew?

Everything you need to know about Haley

She only becomes friendly when the player has seven hearts with her. As a result, yesFor many players, Haley is the best Stardew Valley womanOthers find her too difficult to get to know, leaving her at the bottom of the list.

Is Haley directly Stardew Valley?

Haley is a villager and romance option from the video game Stardew Valley.She is gamersexualand is attracted to the player character regardless of gender.

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