Is Apple removing the Lightning port? (2024)

Will Apple ever get rid of the Lightning port?

Next year, Apple will almost completely eliminate Lightning portsin favor of USB-C on iPhones, iPads, AirPods and accessories, but it will be a temporary solution. By the end of 2024, European law requires all device manufacturers to switch to a single charging standard: USB-C.

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Why does Apple keep the Lightning port?

Why is Apple Reluctant to Abandon the Lightning Connector? Well, only the company has the answers for that, but it's easy to assume that Apple is still making big bucks from Lightning. That's because,Since it is a proprietary connector, third-party manufacturers have to pay a license fee to Apple.

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Why is Apple removing the port?

Apple's longstanding goal is to design an "iPhone" with no external ports or buttons for a clean and streamlined device., but significant hurdles remain if it intends to provide a fully wireless charging and data transmission solution.

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Will the iPhone 15 be portless?

USB-C on iPhone 15 is ready! A portless iPhone just isn't happening, and here's why it's a really big deal: PhoneArena. You'll get updates when big things happen and when you interact with our community.

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Why is Apple switching to USB-C?

Apple will ditch the Lightning connector on its iPhones, the company has confirmed,after European regulators decided that all smartphones should have USB charging as standard within two years. New EU rules require all phones sold after fall 2024 to use the USB-C connector for their charging ports.

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Will Apple switch to USB-C?

Finally,Apple Says iPhone Will Have USB-C Ports. Earlier this month, the European Union passed a law requiring all phones and tablets sold in the EU to use USB-C charging ports by 2024.

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Why doesn't Apple want to use USB-C?

Experts say the reason Apple isn't adding a USB-C port to its iPhones is because of this.concerned that users may charge the device with other unregulated chargersThis can lead to faster battery drain and overheating in Apple products.

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Why isn't Apple switching to USB-C?

Apple has already admittedUSB-C cable is better

Previously, the iPad used the same Lightning connector as the iPhone. By saying that the USB-C connector is faster and more versatile than any previous connector on an iPad, Apple is indirectly criticizing the Lightning cable, which is still used for the iPhone.

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Why is USB-C better than Lightning?

Lightning ports support USB 2.0 and transmit data at a speed of 480 Mbps, butUSB-C ports transmit data at USB 3.0 speed, as fast as 640 Mbps.

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Is Apple Bringing Back USB Ports?

Ports are making a comeback with the new 14-inch MacBook Pro. You still get three USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support, but Apple added a MagSafe 3 port for charging. You can still charge using the USB-C ports, but MagSafe makes sure your laptop doesn't fly away if the cable gets snagged somewhere.

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Will the iPhone 14 have a Lightning connector?

iPhone 14 models still come with a Lightning connector, but Apple is expected to switch to USB-C for iPhone 15 models next year.

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