Do I lose my games if I sell my Switch? (2024)

Can you keep the games on Nintendo Switch if you sell them?

if you can. You can only sell your cartridges with non-downloaded games on a memory card. If you sell privately or online, you will get more money.

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Will I lose my game progress if I get a new Switch?

Your saved data will be deleted on the source console. *Save data is stored on the console you are currently using. In order to play games with your latest save data on multiple systems, you must transfer the save data each time you use a different console.

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What happens to digital games if I sell my Switch?

You cannot easily share, trade or sell the games you buy on Nintendo Switch if you buy them digitally.You are bound by your system for better or worse. The Switch occasionally has to "call home" to verify that you actually own the game you're playing.

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Do I need to delete Switch games before selling them?

You want to factory reset your Switch, Switch Lite or Switch OLED before giving it away or selling it to someone else. This will delete access to your games and Nintendo Account from the console. Remember that you cannot undo a reset once it is complete.

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Do you have to buy Switch games twice?

Digital games are linked to the Nintendo Account used to purchase them.All users of a console will be able to play games purchased with any Nintendo Account that has registered the console as their primary console..

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Are Switch gaming accounts banned?

Purchase games and/or add funds on the Nintendo eShop.They will be linked to your Nintendo Account..

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Can you delete Nintendo Switch but keep the games?

If you initialize your console without deleting your save data, you will no longer be able to use the game data saved on your microSD card.. However, since your user information will be retained, you will be able to re-download deleted game data without having to link your Nintendo Account again, etc.

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Will deleting the switch user delete the games?

Deleting a user account will delete all saved data associated with the account. Saved data once deleted cannot be recovered.

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How do I restore My Nintendo Switch games?

Follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to Nintendo eShop with the Nintendo Account that you used to purchase the game. ...
  2. Select your icon image in the top right corner to access your account information.
  3. Tick ​​Download again on the left side of the screen.

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Can you transfer ownership of Switch games?

Downloaded content is not limited to the Nintendo Account that made the purchase. Anyone using the purchaser's primary console will have access to the digital games or DLCs purchased through that Nintendo Account, subject to Nintendo's terms and conditions.

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Do you have to buy a game again if you archive the Switch?

You don't have to think about whether it's worth clearing space for a new game at the expense of your progress.everything is stored safely and separately. This also applies to physical cards. So if you lose or sell a physical version of a game and then buy it back, you still have your save data.

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