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Up -play on the garden or schoolyard or in the park or whatever, and everyone would be that someone would all be Willie Mays.The largest that baseball ever played were remembered as a member of the KTVU family, Fox Two News.9. What kind of weather did you take with you?.Not Right.


Welcome back.>> We'll see today.It is early.But as you can hardly see, it starts to go in now. Not a lot.Solrig, windy, nice to be too hot.We make a good amount of progress there.It seems like the three cars involved in these accidents, we could have removed them all from the area.All lanes in both directions had to be closed so that they could clean up part of the mess here.Orinda through the Caldecott tunnel.There is a set of oil that has also spilled around this area.


Starting by flowing, to pay attention to that.Some retirement of 680 and keeping an eye on all the things that keep an eye on traffic here when it starts to continue when the morning continues.In South Bay it may have been exposed to measles.TVU is Amanda Quintana is on San Jose.mineta International Airport.You have the details.Godmorning.Amanda >> Good Morning.Week.So these are things that you really have to look for now.And in the coming weeks.They health.


Civil servants say that measles are easy to contract because it is in the air.It is important to take care of these symptoms.Santa Clara Health Officers announced yesterday that it was outside of state travelers with this highly contagious measles that virus flew from San Jose to Chicago on July 2.They were on Southwest Flight 12804. It left.7 Now, the day before, they went to a Starbucks on Blossom Hill Road in Los Gatos.There were about 930 to 1130 in the morning.Since it is encouraged from around 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. to call your doctor if you think you have been postponed, especially if you have a weakened immune system or that you are pregnant or if a baby has become outdoor groups, we can develop more serious complications.


Speaks to IS used to keep someone flying with the measles.But because Covid takes many people to try to minimize the risk of catching a virus, they try to wash their hands regularly and even mask..in public.Officials say they are working with government officials and the CDC to try to identify the people who have been exposed.


have symptoms.But again, these symptoms from now on can live in San Jose.amanda Quintana KTVU, Fox Two News.Month hot wave in north bay.In the water and never came.Will miss him.I laugh.


Temperatures that will return soon.Retment authorities remind people to always have life jackets and to swim in groups to try to prevent another tragedy.Jackson.More than 26,000 hectares have been burned in Lake Fire near the Zaca -Lake since it started on Friday.Flames.Buildings were destroyed, including at home.


>> Firefighters in Alameda County Reed to put a brush fire near Liermander.It broke out just after 11:00 yesterday morning.In Sonoma and in Lake County with a lawn mower and a weed.>> Cal Fire says that if you are planning to click or out, this does when the temperature is cooler and the moisture is higher.Texas who lost power when Hurricane Beryl Texas smeared.


Searching continues to more possible storm victims.In the past, and the power of the movement transforms the coast, which unveils a new coastline that is almost 200 ft 50ft longer than before it moved the coastline more Oceanward, where it was.To be a Surfzone city, it has a plan for millions of dollars to slow down the landslide to make this area safer for visitors.Half Moon Bay.Metet withdrew its offer to buy a green house of 50 hectares that was near the coast.Found an analysis.


on another site.Paid tribute to my hero, one of the greatest baseball players during the time and in the eyes in rice.Incredibly baseball -Legend who died last month and it was very emotional.>> Willie and I had met each other, golf, do all kinds of things and he would be sitting with me


Games that I had hoped would at least make a little impression on my daughter.He had a video -torn message.He wasn't there.And another Giants -Legend, Barry Bonds, Gudon by Willie May, honored Willie Mays, the man who called many the biggest giant of all.After all those years.When he turned 60 in July, what really struck me so far is forever memories.


Willie.tak you need.>> Very emotional., not only about 101 northern directions, but you can report a fire just south of Cupertino there at 85 games in South Bay.Small crashes here.Normally small.You are pretty clear from that, but you see the overload that is slowly starting to build up.


To be delayed.We still see that accident in the Caldecott tunnel.James, please.The warm weather can jeopardize your skin and not just because of sunburn.We tell you the other risk of sending people to the hospital.And the torment of public transport, as well as our city streets?




Because the mayor of San Francisco met again during the debate step for their last confrontation and KTVU are now other seniors in the studio to tell us what question this debate dominated?From you this morning.TVU is Amber Lee, the moderator of the third and possibly last debate in the hot disputed race of San Francisco for mayor.A wide range of problems that the city is confronted with, including public safety.


Hotel employee for a long time.>> Why is the fact that nowadays we have financed non -profit employees who hand out free packs of tin film in the offer to those who suffer from drug abuse?Neighborhoods.have been crooked so far


Against damage reduction that has its place and it is important that we have forgotten that we have to make a claim to treat people and get people in these beds.Pass SF's mental health, because this mayor has never fully financed it.Not being treated fairly by the organizers of the event.Local KTVU, Dot Com and our YouTube -Side.claudine.Also asked about the president


Stay in the race and whether he would like to take the lead as the democratic presidential candidate.November 5 Governor went to Meer Swingstaten this weekend, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, and the Republican National Convention starts next week in Milwaukee.Candidate?Names are governor Doug Burgum in North Dakota and senators Marco Rubio, JD Vance and Tim Scott.The first week of July, the burn of the hospital, says that patients were admitted to hospital almost every day with paving burns.


Due to dehydration or epileptic seizures.From seconds to minutes, and the longer you are in contact with the hot surface, the deeper the combustion, burns until the second degree is not necessary a hospital journey, but burns in the third degree are worse.Thekunne needs months of operations to cure.In the morning here.And I said we had a nice start in the morning and that it certainly made us a bit.


From red and very yellow that you should pay attention to before you leave the door here.Everywhere pension, especially if you have to go to the east from Oakland and to places like Orinda, because the Caldecott tunnel had a crash about an hour ago, and it is still a few remaining delays.To CHP says it has made a good amount of progress and cleaned most of them.The delays afterwards.You first start with 880 in places like Hayward, San Leandro, it is when it starts to be a bit tricky and a little supported.Bay Bridge Toll Plaza has been supported for a while now.Bring you one


A little longer than normal, much longer, but that is still the case now.Quickly warm -Up here for a few days.And it seems that it will return immediately at the weekend..West Southwest Travis before 31. It is 3137 since midnight.Wrap to 30 from West -Zuidwest.Westwind in Napa south of Concord.vest by Oakland.50s for many instead of 60s. There are about the 60s, but mainly 50s, 56, 57, 58, Pacifica, Montara Beach and Pillar Point, only 60


San Carlos, Foster City, 62 Menlo Park, Palo Alto Airport, 63. Nevertheless, Atherton, 59. Woodside and Los Altos Hills have taken a small dip with San Mateo on 5894 and Las Vegas.Yesterday 106 for Record High in South Lake Tahoe, 91 Another Record Hill there, 47. Now the High starts to rebuild.Not only do we get a few inside Temps jump again, but look at the moesson's moisture say hey, hi, hi, painter Sierra.Temples are starting to warm up tomorrow.ever


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Suppose sanitary products contain more than a dozen toxic metals, including lead and arsenic., and they discovered that households with solar panels saved almost $ 2,000 a year.Research team now goes to new depths in his efforts to lock the mysteries of the deep sea.


Under the surface of the water, and they are sure that this groundbreaking mission, now in the Mexico golf, will launch a new era with in -depth research.And so to have the chance, especially here in the Mexico golf, where we have taken place so much with regard to our finances, it is good.It's a big thing for us.After I have some of the most remote areas of the ocean, I also have sensors that can measure the exact temperature and the amount of salt in the water.A large payment can be seen with fight crime in a white collar.Moreover, people who die.


Heat.We have to talk about the death feature in South Bay in the middle of these high temperatures.We have seen and why proponents of these vulnerable people say the threat


In 16 years, Greg Gerstner will land the perfect cannonball.For Aarp.(VO) Zukes Tasty, painful dog children can make an excursion to an adventure.From park to top ... regardless of where you walk around ... Don't forget Zukes.


Homeless camps.>> Plus, we feel that you know that it is just like people to give the chance to do this, knowing that there are no consequences.Oakland's crime problem is even worse.>> from KTVU, Fox Two News.The morning is on two wong.It is Tuesday 9 July.I can't think it's in the car today., I take it while it's here.


I will thank you, Steve Paulson.Selel thanks.Steve, Steve Paulson.5060 out of 10th.Big Fog Bank.solrig Breezy.It will be nice to mild to hot, unless you know, you, ukiah, are clear lake.There is still hot but temperatures 60, 70, 80 I went low 90s for something inland.okay.james torres is here.732 still Caldecott, but do we have to do somewhere else?There is a crash that causes what you see in red a while ago.If you are on your way to the north, the kind of crosses in


Mission district here, it will be slow for a while now, and it will slowly be almost in the Bay Area.As I said, we will stay informed of the crash in the Amstette, the Caldecott tunnel there, three car accidents in the tunnel.Cleaning up the mess that is back and lets the traffic flow through.Nå, San Francisco now has more legal authority to free up the homeless camp.That means.


Camping through the city.His own decision about homelessness and how cities can regulate it.people have to offer a hiding place, bed or other houses when the removal gives the sites of the city a freer hand by deciding what to do when the police and what you know is the executive, whether the mayor or the city leader is, decides that homelessnessHand comes out.But despite the decision of this Supreme Court


The city of San Francisco was still confronted with a fully separate process of the coalition of homelessness.But some of the process also prevented urban employees from destroying people's assets.Things that are varied by Focus, you know, medical equipment, prostheses and medicines.The city of San Francisco.In a speech with KTVU a few days ago, in the light of the decision of this Supreme Court, their trial is still against the city and lawyers from both parties meet later this summer in court to decide where it goes, whereit goes where it goes, where it goes, where it goes, where it goes, where it goes where it goes where it goes, where it goes,


Herfr.But again, the part of San Francisco that is obliged to give shelter, bed or a number of alternative houses every time they remove someone from the Stadsstraat, the part of this suit was crushed because of this ninth circuit court of a decision and thedecision of the American Supreme Court.So it means that the city has more authority to take more aggressive actions when it comes to cleaning up homeless camps.Their plans are when it comes to cleaning up homeless camp here in San Francisco.Live in San Francisco.ali Rasmus, KTVU, Fox Two News.Valley Water District Board will prohibit homeless camps along provincial roads.and their waste


Waterways are dumped.Day in July, and at least one of these dead is connected to the extreme heat.Here all diabetes, hypertension, have a number of heart problems and all these are exacerbated by being in the heat.Others available resources.


Of the State Office of Emergency Services, it answered 46% of the 911 calls within 15 seconds.The feeling that their safety is not prioritized.Do you want to say if you want the report online, unless you want to wait 2 or 3 hours, because I was 2 or 3 hours too long..And his founder.


Now, in 2021, the California Fair Practices Commission has spent a likely reason for the company to give illegal campaign contributions.The final of the Euro Football Tournament is underway and you will see it here at KTVU.The Euro tournament.The winner continued to win it all.11.00 this morning and again you will see it here on KTVU.final is this Sunday


'In the afternoon.Issues.It must abstain.>> A lot of tendering, a lot to talk about this.You see all these colors, and the nice part is that there is really no major traffic event.It will lead to a few things that will happen here and there.Leandro and even to Oakland, you will see some pension.


Kensington, to Berkeley.There is a lot of delay that traffic does not store as well as we hope.880 in Oakland because the right side of your screen here goes on the road just past the Colosseum, which also delayed a lot a minute ago.Tollplein, which has been slow for more than an hour and a half. Nu.it means that your home -working traffic comes in San Francisco.Selvom, it is usually pretty smooth today, it gets a little slower.740 We return to Claudine on the desktop.> Okay.James branch.Now almost 40% of Americans are planning to take on debts for summer tours.From other senior who are in our news room with our viewer questions per day.option


For all of cash or credit card or buy now, if the use of a company or lift.Personal loan is another option.Or asks family or friends for help.This summer?I certainly mean where people lean.To have no money either.We are



When we are small, we are told that something is possible ... ... but only a few of us go out and prove it.You the most powerful mobile WiFi network with speeds to a concert of millions of locations.And at the moment Xfinity Internet customers can buy an unlimited line and get one for free for a year.


President and Prime Minister Keir Stormmer meets in the White House to emphasize what they call the special relationship between the United States and the UK, despite the government's change.-Gaza war, climate change and solutions for clean energy.And the White House has released one


Letter from President Bidens Doctor in response to questions about the health of the president., three times, and it is in the report that we share an extensive report.Is it more than what the last man has shared..


You are going on so far.Federal Reserve President has just started a Q&A session with the Senate banking committee.A moment.When the opening bell went this morning, Nasdaq and the S&P 500 both started with a new record.There you can see about 100 points, quarter with one percent.He has also noted that he believes that recent data demonstrates that the labor market has disappeared considerably and is back in balance.Where


He answers questions from legislators.Powell's comments can indicate whether Bold plans to reduce interest rates in the midst of signs of delay in inflation.The last inflation data is weaker than expected, Jerome Powell only told Senator to say too quickly or too slowly, and the influence it will have on the economy.The fees or sanctions of everyone successful persecution that can add millions of dollars.Now the expansion will contain more white collar crimes, such as money laundering and bribery.Officers say they have already closed 11 stores near the Olympic


Stadium in Paris, which has sold counterfeit equipment.morning on two.I am Pam Cook.This is a look at your dollars and cent.>> Hello, pam. branch you need now..


Dogs need.Here.On the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza that has been supported for a while now.From steps here together.


Probably pretty busy, but if you are 280, it looks pretty good so far.Well, that's right.To go around and you can see that it has done a push.To South California?You are Darn Tootin who is completely extra on it.Team on Hairspray the 1950s too much.


The majority will cool down today.50s or 60s at Temps Haar.Low 60s, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Santa Clara already 63, but 54. In Boulder Creek, 54. Scotts Valley, Soquel and Santa Cruz 5556 Mirer High Grips Today, but it is starting to recharge tomorrow for a warm -up, especially the, especially theInland and maybe even pushing a little bit for a monsoon fluid there when we also enter the weekend.This weekend. Great Tuesday, after the reasonably good fog bank., this time this weekend.8.00.what?You must ensure to keep your private information safe and look below.


Started from an airport in California.What requires that plane to land again and why is this not the first time this has happened in recent months.



evening.se on this video of the attack released by


Police.These suspects approach both women on San Pablo Avenue near Emery High School, one of them hits the earth and touches the other., And we want someone to come up with information and make the report.Man van Concord has been arrested, accused of trying to steal more flights from Buchanan Airport.Bay Area News Group.He was arrested.


Due to the court, on July 11.Well, 911 service in Petaluma is back after an interruption last weekend.911 Service for residents of Pinole, Hercules and San Pablo last month.Trying to find out what happened when a plane that started at Lax yesterday morning lost a band.


Angeles to Denver.Boeing 757 continued to fly to Denver and landed without an incident.Entieving and get a researcher.This is the second time that a band has fallen in recent months due to a United Airlines flight.Started at SFO.Now, the schedule of Golden State Warriors is growing.Warriors welcomed the two newest players in San Francisco yesterday.-Point shooter.He drew like a free agent after the last game for 76 people.


Really just prepare for a hard 82 game season.Selflessness is unparalleled.Not really that people have measles on the plane, but I didn't know it happened.To stay in safety.And the recent hot golf in the Bay Area is getting deadly.Up -games in the garden or schoolyard or in the park or whatever, and everyone would be someone.It would all be Willie Mays.


>> Two former presidents and a Sea or Giants fans appear to honor Willie Mays.How one of the biggest ever played baseball was remembered as a member of the KTVU family.On two live.And I am Claudine Wong.>> It's Tuesday 9 July.Lad that we talk about us again and enjoy a bit of a cooler morning.Today looks pretty good, you.Big Fog Bank, but as others touched, there is enough to walk around the 5060s here.8 It is usually the trend.


July Fogbank there is here.Isn't that big incidents., Even on the Bay Bridge on the way to San Francisco.And of course we still look at the icon on the right on your screen here in the tunnel.In a long time in a long time.San Mateo Bridge moves nicely.


I am back in about five minutes with a different update.801 Let's come back to others. Passages may have exposed dozens of people to measles in San Jose Mineta International Airport and a restaurant in Santa Cruz last week.Morning others.Some of these symptoms.Health officials say that measles are easy to contract because it is in the air.It is important to take care of these symptoms.


Very contagious measles virus flew on the second July from San Jose to Chicago.7 Now, the day before you went to a Starbucks on Blossom Hill Road in Los Gatos, they were there from about 930 to 1130 in the morning.6:00 pm to 10:00 pm I asked Dr. Peter Chin-Hong at UCSF about how likely it is to catch measles in these situations.Measles can be in a room on an airplane.doctor if you think you were that


Exposed, especially if you have a weakened immune system or if you are pregnant or if a baby is exposed, these groups can develop more serious complications.Now the good news is that the US and especially the Bay Area have a high vaccination speed for measles.And with CDC to try to identify the people who are exposed, including the people of the Southwest Airlines.From now on they could be a few weeks that they can see the result, the feeling that these symptoms live isan Jose Amanda Quintana KTVU, Fox to News.


The hot wave of the moon.Jump into the water but never came out.I will miss him so much.He smiles.High temperatures that are expected to return quickly remind people of the people of law to always have life jackets and to swim in groups in an attempt to try to prevent another tragedy.>> 805 Your time now more houses in Santa Barbara County are threatened by a fireplace, including the former real estate Michael Jackson.More than 26,000 hectares burned


The Sea Barn.Sea near the Zaca -again started on Friday..Come back to some of the millions of houses and companies that lost power when Hurricane Burl spread in Texas, this storm made land in the Houston area yesterday morning as a category 1 work.People are dead.


Ask that..Dangerous landslides have been for decades.More Oceanward, where it was.For visitors, San Mateo County officers have temporarily deleted an affordable living plan for the farm

8:08 am

Employees in Half Moon Bay.Amet withdrew his offer to buy a 50 -HECTARE Greenhouse Place that is sitting by the coast.> It is now almost 808. To former American presidents who add thousands of fans to Oracle Park to bring one of the greatest baseball players throughout the time and eyes in our eyes.who organize this public celebration of life for baseball legend Willie Mays who died last month.To a baseball game.>> Willie and I got to know each other, golf, all kinds


Sitting with me through the game that I had hoped that it would certainly impress my daughter.Man.Many call the biggest giant of all.Branch willie.kak you need.


>> The family of Willie Mays received a flag in honor of his military service during the Korea war, which determined his baseball career for two seasons., because it was a cool living work traffic, especially starting around 2 pm.7.00 this morning.We take you there and show you what this card looks like.Large events there are some large crashes.At 101 there are a few things delay.But even without some of these crashes, every highway, every road to bypass this area, it will be a pretty delay.San Mateo bridge, however, looks pretty good., almost the same story applies to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is just


Hidden behind the fog.More about it when I see you again in minutes, we will send it back to others.Other risks that people send to the hospital.>> Plus, this kind of plan or action would you take to tackle these kinds of people who are violent and public transport, as well as our city streets?Candidates who want to become the next mayor of San Francisco in a debate, and we will talk about the question that the questions really dominated with the candidates against Francisco




Share in their third debate.TVu Betty Yu was there and says that every candidate has explained his ideas to make San Francisco a safer city.


Including public safety and revitalization of KTVU Center.Amber Lee moderated the debate, hosting groups, including Stop Crime, SF and connected SF. In Light by the recent murder of long -term hotel employee Corazon Dandan, reportedly pushed a bald platform of homeless, spiritually ill.So they can go outside and work with these people and so we can keep them for 72 hours when we develop a plan for service and support.and substance abuse failed.>> Why did we finance non -profit employees today, where we distribute free packs with tin foil in the range of those suffering from drug addiction?


There is no point.We allow them to kill themselves.Why do we also ruin our neighborhoods.Ideas.Thing.To add 400 shelter beds to mental health care.

8:17 am

KTVU, Fox to News, and we have worn the entire debate online.Long campaign for President Biden.He gave his case why President Biden earns four years.For him.t.on November 5.>> Governor Newsom went to more swing states this weekend, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.Some users say they have recently received messages such as asking like this,

8:18 am

They ask to click on a link or run the risk of losing their telephone service.That your account will be locked, or Hey, we will send you this text to make you safer.Borrowing in fact trusting large organizations to protect yourself best, register for two factors and never use the same password for all your accounts.Yes.You can in principle be guaranteed

8:19 AM

Where you have to go this morning.We are taking you to North Bay today, because today it is not so bad.Or even for the Golden Gate Bridge.There are some road that some things start to slow down., All parts of East Bay have a kind of delay that, whether you are five, 86, 88, 80 or one of the other highways, highway four, you see the bay there again.Far away.And of course we can take you to the South Bay Two.Except Bay Bridge.It sees a whole part of a backup and will probably stay like the rest of the morning.Until 819 we send it to Steve to talk about the weather..blue water


The chef finished yesterday.You don't need it alone.Broke the brand from 20 1789. Then 8991, 106. It is already hot in the mountains.77 in Reno, 55. 57 South Lake Tahoe.Both already entered the 40. Mount Shasta.Alturas is in it.Quick for people in the mountains.2230. Since midnight they have been 30 to 37 km / h.


And Novato has a Western wind.And if you are in Lake County or Mendocino County, you probably say it will be hot.To put away.It is not only hot, but perhaps a monsoon fluid is on the road for your near future.However, the Good Fog Bank is here for us.Inner temperatures jump up?But it seems that they are from the weekend.Your options here, all cash or credit card or buy now, pay later, such as the use of a company or lifting or personal loan, or family or friends ask for help.

8:22 am

See here, all cash 48% credit card 43. Personal loan 1% buy now, pay 3% later and ask family or friends 5. Just scan the QR code in the top right corner of your screen or go to ktvu.com/dotOkay, summer with football closer than ever at these championship matches.The benefits of becoming green


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Find your way to extraordinary offers during the summer of the Audi Sales event in your local Audi dealer.Up to 18 months in prison for pointing a plug -gun during the shooting of his Western film Rust.Left, the kinematograph killed and the instructor injured.Lab checked 500,000 houses in the United States by 2021, and they discovered that the median house with solar cell panels saved almost $ 2,000 a year.

8:26 AM

Advantage usually, but they also run the highest risk to reclaim payments., the combustion center of the hospital says that patients were registered for paving burns almost every day.I think it is being associated with the fact that we are in the middle of a huge hot wave.When we are talking about seconds to minutes, and the longer you are in contact with the hot surface, the deeper the combustion.Doctors say that the effects of a combustion can take a few days to come first.Empty offices throughout San Francisco.Why Ai Boom can

8:27 am

Don't make a big difference as previously thought.Warmth of death in South Bay in the middle of the high temperatures and why proponents of the vulnerable say that the threat is not too much looking for a smarter way to mop?-Sidded Zwenkwijkkop that goes, an ordinary mop, just not.

8:28 am

8:29 am

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From sweeps from homeless camps.Worsens the crime problem of the city.Is the heat today also a problem? >> Well, we will start a warm -up tomorrow.The fog, others are like we are already in the sunshine.It will start to come,


But this is by far the coolest weekday because of the Big Fog Bank that is still hanging around.at.830.And he wants to tell me.And you what I think we are going with a new crash that happens in San Jose, Steve because it creates some problems here in South Bay..I said it all morning.On 85 and 17. looks like a few cars that have been hit against each other.Some problems of 280.280.We know when we look at the live camera, not

8:32 am

Really as many problems that we have had all morning, but it sounds like a car has stopped at least two lanes with traffic closer to Deanza Boulevard on the northern side of the track.You don't see here.But if you are on your way to that area near Deanza Boulevard, near the off -ray, it will give you some problems and some delays today.San Mateo Bridge moves smoothly.831 We return to Claudine.> Okay.Branch you must have.James.no, San Francisco now has more legal authority to erase Homeless Camp.Just like yesterday, the ninth Circuit Court threw part of a court ruling that limited when and how the city could free the camp.Boy us to go to KTVU Ali Rasmus, who now comes to us to talk more about what this means and the consequences of these decisions.Ali Yes, that means sleeping or camper in public street


Prohibition here in the city at the Homeless Camp Sweeft.The constitutional authority to name and remove people to sleep or camp in public streets.Remove people from public streets, although the city does not..When we talk about the timeline and how they will make this new decision of the Supreme Court and the ninth circuit in the future.


The fact that the city will still offer people alternative housing and shelter, but if they refuse, the statement says that the city will use the authority that now has the courts to force people to move.The subsidies from the Supreme Court make a decision about homelessness.Says that San Francisco Public Works herds still have to comply with the assets of people, and that is because of a running process that San Francisco stands for from the coalition of homelessness.that they should essentially pack and roof


So people can pick it up.ACLU lawyers, who represent the coalition of homelessness in his trial against the city of San Francisco.From this lawsuit against the city of San Francisco still.Rasmus KTVU, Fox to News.no, Today Santa Clara Valley Water District Board will consider banning homeless camps along provincial waterways.The proposed regulation would make protective zones along the nearly 300 miles of waterways

8:36 am

Under control.Valley Water says that many of the flood protection projects of the district are damaged by the camp and that their waste is dumped in waterways.At least four unrestrained people died since 1 July, and at least one of these deaths is linked to the extreme heat that we experience.Pay the ultimate price to be unrestrained.Homeless camp, to tell them about cooling centers and other available resources.


Worse.Says his municipality worried that this is a hate crime because it is the second attack in two weeks.Hanuka, and the perpetrators have not been found or not arrested, we have the feeling that you know it is like giving people the chance to do this, knowing that there would be no consequences. >> what was that thing in theNeighborhood of Oakland Airport?the same man.avid

8:38 am

Michael took video when he picked up a backpack on Hegenberger Road on Sunday, which was stolen from a tourist at the 76 station.The police never came and while they were waiting, he says that another tourist was robbed of the same place.If it doesn't happen here, it happens somewhere else.Hand because he also tried to call the police last Friday after a crowd pressed the gas station store.There is nothing we can do.You just want to say if you want the report that you have to fight online, unless you want to wait 2 or 3 hours, because I was like 2 or 3

8:39 am

Hours too long..All three previous knockout scene matches between these two countries in the euro, the winner continued to win the whole thing, and that could also be true this year, because the winner of this competition is expected to be the favorite in the finalfrom Dutch or England.11 this morning.It will be here on KTVU.final is this Sunday at noon., Maybe a little more warmth.

8:40 am

Again, from tomorrow we will be hotter again.>> Cards here for a few days.It is a brutal June and now for many, especially Reno, Las Vegas and to Phoenix.Some areas in the valley?You like it from a big big fog bank.I think it's going all the way.Do not just give us that a onshore breeze Oakland Berkeley Hills, West.


A victory, water temperatures have come, but they have been leveled.Temples will be in the morning.And even at night in San Francisco.Year., what moisture looks like it wants to crawl here in Sierra, from this weekend on Sunday will start early on Monday.More hit and miss, but I think there is some cloud covering on the way.


Tuesday, sunny, airy, it will be when you are in the country.They are now 6667. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, especially in the country.841 now.This is a cruise season, but a popular destination.Encouraging is tired of tourists.We tell you why.Are you planning to pay for your summer vacation?, you go 53 but then you have credit card ,,


Pay later options.2% personal loan.4% of you say, hello, I can ask a family or friends to pitch some sort of and to release us on our summer vacation.QR code there on your screen or you can go to our site ktvu.com/vote.vi, would like to hear from you.



Ok, 500 Deluxe Garden gnomes.wow.ik only meant to order five.There is not enough money in my account for this.I am charged.BMO Smart Advantage Control Account gives you an extra day to prevent a coating rate.To see a bank, build a little relaxed.?

8:46 am

Prime Minister Keir Stormmer meets the White House to emphasize what they call the special relationship between the United States and the UK, despite the changing government.War, climate change and Ren Energies solution The White House refused to answer repeated questions about whether more recent visits to the White House were directly involved by a Parkinson's Disease specialist.You are that the president has seen a neurologist for his physical three times, three times, and that is in


Reporting that we share an extensive report of a fact, that is more than the last man who released the doctor's letter, confirmed the Pers Secretary's statement that President Biden has never been dealt with for Parkinson's.From 46, Wall Street is now watching what is happening in Capitol Hill. She is back with today's dollars and money.Butler about the high costs of housing, that fat chef Jerome Powell said it would reduce inflation, is the best that fat can do with younger Americans, he said that one thing that helps the labor market is slower and more in balance, is in balance,But still strong.Now the indices led higher when the opening bell called this

8:48 am

Morning, although the Fed Chef has repeatedly said all morning, he will not give specific tips today when the fat starts to lower prices.Because this bell named Dow Jones fell around 100 points. A quarter of one percent.% In the second quarter.

8:49 am

Since.Today is the start of a three -day technical conference in San Francisco, Semicon West has symposiums and training with semiconductors.Also a good event for network options and emphasizes the US investments in the chip industry.Will vote on Saturday about the prohibition of a few cruises.October 1.I'm Pam Cook.hereby

8:50 am

Court, but it turns out that there is one thing that he still does not control.Think of turning the ball on my finger.It's there.You can't do it.Couldn't do it, they were surprised that Curry was not alone.Be sure.>> They also had a video of it.And it is always impressive who wants to run through these exercises.

8:51 AM

James, I think I could probably teach myself no, I can't have four championships and no one has broken plates by turning a ball on their finger.Say.About our traffic here because it doesn't look good., who is still not tidy, but as you can see, just rest traffic.Jose of South Bay.And it's the same if you go on highways in different parts of the Bay Area.No major events.We have no situations in which we have huge


Crash or a huge thing that causes all these delays.Was almost an hour ago.And I will leave you with this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge because the fog bank is beautiful and thick and it hides a part of what we like to see.851. To talk more about that fog bank and more about the weather is Steve Paulson here.Is not easy to do.Back to more a normal pattern., 500 Millibar Heights is starting to get on more normal levels.

8:53 am

Breeze or Wind.And if you are on Travis, it is if, hanging, darling, it's 30 plus everything since midnight.30, 36, 37 km per hour., Oakland.Press again, especially off the coast.Wednesday Thursday, Friday, but also looks like an increase in some monsoon fluid.Would keep an eye on things. I went low in 90s. Hot but then it looks like

8:54 am

Everything will start at more normal levels this weekend at the start of next week.Jer there.In the Bay Area and also in the future.And look below.Time that this happened in recent months.

8:55 am

50 years ago I prayed this prayer and it changed my life and it can change your life.And I said, "God, I sinned against you. I'm sorry, forgive me."I said: "I think blood for my sins and that he was buried and that you brought him to life and I would invite him to get into my heart that prayer and God heard my prayer and he forgave me. And you change youLive from today.

8:56 am

Just pray it prayer..

8:57 am

Yesterday morning.It happened during a flight from Los Angeles to Denver.The Boeing 757. Check this.

8:58 am

The tires.> Well, the monitoring plan for the Golden State Warriors is growing.The team welcomed his two newest players in San Francisco yesterday.Timberwolves as part of a deal of six teams on Saturday.On my gaming.Without the ball his ability to shoot everywhere.And his selflessness is also unparalleled for Melton who is a Los Angeles

8:59 am

Native, says he is happy to be back in California and even has a family here in the bay.quotes a lack of financing.> I think it's a big stroke.You know that the work is not done, you know that I am looking around and we are still in some of the disciplines with figures they are as they had started 20 or 30 years ago these organizations were started.And it's just a big step back.If the bark of a dog is playful or aggressive.


Focus on animal communication.In Yosemite National Park, appropriate suit.Has she introduced them in the wild since then.Yosemite Toads is a federally endangered species that is only found in Sierra.is exposed.San Francisco Mayoral Race Going to Face.We will d

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