Joliet's counts: dramatic change 1 year later | (2024)

Joliet, IL - Thursday marked a beautiful afternoon, perhaps one of the last year of the year, so I met former Joliet Housing Authority commissioner Bob Hernandez to visit Joliet's Tentby.Jolets East side near Route 30 and Washington Street.

My first visit to Tent City took place in May 2019. I was not back.

What a huge difference with a year ago.

Thursday Tent City was a ghost city.Boots plus many empty medicine bottles, all covered with dirt and leaves.

It was clear that these goods had been left here for many, many months.

"I was told by some civil servants that it was possible for Covid because of the Corona virus and many of them were moved from this area," Hernandez told me when we stood in the forest that used to be as counted.

"I think the jurisdiction above is both the railway police and the Will County Police, so we are in the middle of where all these tents were the last time."

Hernandez investigated the earth and noticed: "There are clothing that are the remains of the tents that were used up. There is a shelf that has kept the personal belongings of people in it, so it's all gone."

(Jolite Patch article continues during this photo in Tent City.)

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So where did all residents of Tent City go?

"They may have moved to Motels, hotels because more people moved to motels and hotels on the west side of Jolia with the homeless people who stayed in hiding places when they were closed at the start of the Corona virus," Hernandez explained.

"Many of them live on the west side of tents. We always see it."

I asked Hernandez, who is in the late 1950s, or on Thursday's observations argued that Joliet's Tentby might no longer be found.

"Well, I think it's not now," said Hernandez.The voices are finished, so that they are now free of charge.

(Jolite Patch article continues during this photo in Tent City.)

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Cass Street viaduct

Counts may not have any residents of Jolia at the moment, but a few people still live under Cass Street viaduct along route 30. The viaduct is near the railway tracks to the Canadian National Farm., Berlinsky Skrot.

Hernandez said he had the chance to visit a man named Larry, the self -proclaimed mayor of Tent City, who has been living under Cass Street viaduct for more than 20 years.Houses through the Hoeksteen services of the Jolite.

While we walked around under the viaduct, we saw a middle man in the distance.

(Joliet Patch article continues during this photo of Joliet's Cass Street Viaduct.)

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We approached and made a conversation with Dan who said he was 57.Then accepted to be interviewed, but he insisted that I had not taken any pictures of him.

"I come out here and think," then told us."It's nice, man."

Then we told us that he lived in Tent City for many years, and he also lived under Cass Street viaduct for a number of years, usually in the 1990s.

No doubt living in the tent city to live under the viaduct.

"Too many cars and people," he said by describing why he doesn't like to live under the viaduct.

In general, most people stay in the tent city, he said.

"You don't steal," he said.Orers "You are going to get justice in the forest, that's what they get."

Living in Tentby means that you have Gadesmarts.You will never leave your tent with a lot of food.You can expect that races, coyotes or other wild beings eat it.

When he lived in the tent city, he said he saved a cat who fell in one of the eastern sides.

Then he said that he also made some friends in his days when he lived under Cass Street viaduct, but "died of them for three quarters," he noticed.

Living in Tent City gave it the opportunity to experience nature in survival.

At night, deer were often swept away by the Metra trains and their remains were digested by the Coyotes, he said.

There are two necessities to live in the tent city or under the nearby Viaduct of Cass Street.

Since 2018, just like the former self -proposed mayor of Tent City, permanent housing found thanks to Cornerstone Services.francis -campus on the city near West Side.

He drives on his bike to bypass around Jolia, as he did on Thursday.

Then Tent City said in the wrong direction in recent years.

The railway police have recently been brought down on people who gather in Tent City.

In 2018 then said that the railway police let him go with a ticket of $ 500 for violation.

"His fine was $ 750," noted then.

(Joliet Patch article continues during this photo of Joliet's Cass Street Viaduct.)

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At the moment then it is his understanding that there are only two ordinary residents who live under Cass Street Viaduct, a man named tired and another man named John.

Both men were not nearby when Joliet Patch and Bob Hernandez visited Thursday afternoon.

All in all, living in Tent City said was a good experience, but a roller coaster for the weather.

"From snowstorms to floods to tornadoes," he added.

Then also lost a few acquaintances who unexpectedly died in Tent City.

A man in the late 1950s had drunk alcohol and the man's tent was set on fire.10 years ago.

"He succumbed to smoking. He died in his tent," said then. "It was winter and cold and he might have hit a light.

Then another friend said who was barely 50, unexpectedly died of a heart attack in his tent.

Later I asked Hernandez for his roof on Thursday's visit to Tent City.

"It is good to see that social services help in this pandemic time to move part of the homeless of Tent City," said Hernandez.

City Home has for Mange Joliet Area Homeless: Ferak 2019 Column

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Joliet's counts: dramatic change 1 year later | (2024)
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