Joliet's 2021 caught in photos after patch (2024)

JOLIA, IL - A lot had happened in the city of Jolia in the past year when Joliet Patch released thousands of photos that showed daily life in Will County's greatest society.

I went back and opted for a photo of every month to take 2021 on photos.

Some of my photos accompanied stories about human interest.Other photos caught great emergency situations that require a large presence of Jolia -Police and Jolite paramedicin/firefighters.

Some were enormous political events, such as Governor J.B.Pritzkers Joliet -Newe Conference in Major and you want to see that they were just photos that showed an example of daily life in Jolia.

Here is your month to month, back in the year of Joliet:


Man shot 3 times by Jolia -Police setting Operation: Relative

A man who lived with his mother in a house in the 1200 -block Nicholson Street on the west side of the stage with Thursday's late morning shooting said the woman to Joliet Patch: "We hear that he pulled a BB gun and shot itfrom the sky .. .

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Hundreds of Joliet -Tersers receive coronavirus -vaccines: photos

Volunteers from Jolia Fire Department have taken over the Joliet West High School Field House, where they will give thousands of teachers in Joliet Area de Moderna Covid-19-vaccine.Wait their turn to receive their doses of the vaccine on Tuesday afternoon.

Deputy Brand manager Jeff Carey told Joliet Patch that he expects to manage the coronavirus vaccines in the coming weeks.

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Brian Urlacher supports Joe Clement for Jolite Council: Photos

Brian Urlacher, one of Chicago Bears All Time Greats, did well with his promise to attend the Jolia City Council candidate Joe Clement's Charity Fund-Raiser in Ibew Local 176 Banquet Hall on the facade near Interstate 55. "It's for a good cause and Joe is a good guy, "Urlacher told Joliet Patcher."

With 12 candidates in the April elections, Clement had the second highest vote in total and won a period of four years in the council.


ESS: Joliet's iconic drive-in will be opened for 73 years

Restaurants in Illinois come and go.Some don't last a whole year.sandwiches.

"It has been stable," Tom Pierson said the editor of Joliet Patch.

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Pritzker: Joliet Får Lion Electric Auto Manufacturing Plant

Illinois GOV.J.B.Pritzker came to Jolia on 7 May to reveal positive news for economic development:Lion Electric,A Canadian company in Quebec opens its first American car production facility in Jolia.

Lion Electric is in the long term, Lion Electric is planning to hire around 1,400 people to produce electric cars at the Youngs Road System in Joliet."This is one of the best places in the world if you are a manufacturer if you are someone who wants to be there in the intersection of America and ensure that you are in the world's distribution junction," Pritzker told everyone. "

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Joliet bulldozes Man's House in College Park: 'I Lost Everything'

Two years and four months after the city of Joliet had stated the ownership of Carl E. Johnson in the subdivision of College Park near Houbolt Road, a public nuisance, a demolition crane arrived on June 15 at 906 Menlo Court and Flat Johnson's house.

"I lost everything I had of the photos of my children to Christmas photos, just as a tornado came, just like a tornado came," Johnson, 62, "Why didn't they give me time, knowing that I am disabled?

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The Jetski -Tryuses of Joliet Canal are back: Video

The mysterious Jetski -RiderJoliet Patch wrote about the beginning of March for the first timereturned to the Dirty Channel Water to have fun on July 30.

He sprayed and had an explosion near Jefferson Street Bridge across the street of Joliet Police Station and City Hall."He said smiling.

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Fire at Speedway Auto Parts: 'We were very lucky'

Speedway Auto Parts has been on the east side of Joliet for more than 50 years and on August 17 in Auto Salvage Yard, the business owner Sean Krause was gratefully found that the fire was not worse.That start shortly before Klspeedway is on 1301 Herkimer St., near Collins Street and adjacent to the scattered concrete fort that is known as the old Jolite prison.

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Steve Sherwood no longer preaches near Walmart in Joliet

For many years, people around Jolia Steve Sherwood were able to find who was outside of Walmart Supercenter on West Jefferson Street, who preached the good news about the Bible and parked his long bike in the neighborhood.But it suddenly ended a few weeks ago.

Sherwood told Joliet Patch that a Jolia shop manager told him that he is no longer welcome to occupy metal banks for the gigantic dealer of 2424 W. Jefferson St.Sherwood that he was usually not on Walmart for shopping for shop markets.

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Nikos overcomes oven windings: 1,010 Greek chicks sold

Nikos Pizzeria op 20 Ohio St.Suppose his one -day record on October 27, sells 1,010 Greek chicken diners, but happened in the kitchen at about the disaster.Nikos usually reliable oven bread.Catching up because it is a heavy order, "owner Nikos told Lippas to Patch."We had a small problem with the oven, it kept breaking."

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From teams in the Tastee Bites Restaurant on Jefferson Street

Joliet Police Department said that no traffic cites were issued after the crash of 10 November with a minibus in the restaurant with tasty bites.Vehicle to jump on the sidewalk and collide in the front of the tasty bites, "according to jolite politian rights."

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Sue Regis Glass Art Makes State of Illinois FeriegaveGuide

For the first time ever, the city of Jolia has recognized a small company by the annual Illinismy Illinismy of Illinois.

"I think it places Jolia more on the map," Regis told Joliet Patch."It's nice to have something positive in the news, especially for Joliet Center."

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That articleOriginally published onJoliet -patch

Joliet's 2021 caught in photos after patch (2024)
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