How to claim up to $400 from Apple's defective keyboard inventory (2024)

THE MEADOWS-Did you buy an Apple MacBook laptop between 2015 and 2019? You may be eligible for a payout of up to $400 after a class action settlement.

The lawsuit, filed in 2022, alleges that MacBook laptops sold between those years contained defective keyboards.according to court documents.

The lawsuit claims that the keyboard errors include "characters that repeat unexpectedly; letters or characters that do not appear; and/or keys that feel 'sticky' or do not respond in a consistent manner."

What exactly is wrong with the keyboard?

In 2015, Apple tried to reinvent the wheel when it released a redesigned MacBook with all-new butterfly keyboards.

Although the computers were praised for their thin and compact design, it wasn't long before consumers complained about glitches surrounding the redesigned keyboards.

Apple had originally boasted that the keyboard was "40% thinner than a traditional keyboard scissor mechanism, yet four times more stable, offering greater precision no matter where your finger hits the key."

The wave of complaints eventually led to Apple launching its productKeyboard service programcovers keyboard repairs for affected consumers for up to four years after the laptop's original purchase date.

How to make a claim

There are a few options. You can file a claimher,or call the claims administrator at 1-855-579-1311 for more information,” the settlement website said.

Proof of purchase along with your laptop's serial number is required to approve the claim.

The deadline for filing a claim is March 6, 2023.

How to claim up to $400 from Apple's defective keyboard inventory (2024)
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