How accusing against 2 uval -skecol polies that some families still leaves frustrated (2024)

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Shooting Costs Dispute

Austin, Texas (AP) - Two charges against previously Unwalled, Texas, they are schools police officersFirst costBrought against law enforcement for the crooked response in which hundreds of officers were waiting for more than an hour to confront an 18-year-old shooter who killed 19 4 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary.

For some unwilling families who have spent the past two years with the responsibility of the police, the charges made the charges a mix of lighting and frustration.To ask for help to bring a faster endingOne of the worst shootings at schoolI U.S. Historie.

Former UWDS schools police chief Pete Arredondo and former officer Adrian Gonzales were sued on 26 June by a large jury in Uvale County in various points of the danger of childcare and leaving their actions and not confronting the shooter.First of almost 400 federal, national and local officers who come together at school day.

"I want every person in the corridor to be accused of the lack of protection of the most innocent people," said Velma Duran, whose sister Irma Garcia was one of the killed teachers."Protect them, something they could have done. The means and tools to do this."

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Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell did not say whether other officers will be charged or whether the work of the large jury has been carried out.

Here are some things to know about the criminal investigation into the reaction of the police:


The shooter rushed to school on 24 May 2022 and killed his victims in two classrooms.

More than 370 officers responded, but waited more than 70 minutes to confront the shooter, although he could be heard to shoot an AR-15-style rifle.

Shocked students in the classrooms called 911 when tormented parents asked for the intervention of officers, some of whom could hear shots shoot while they were in one go.

DestructivestatusInFederalismInvestigation reports on the reaction of the police have cataloged "Cascading -Fiassos" in training, communication, leadership and technology.


OfPersecution against Arredondo, there were commander -in -chiefshooting, accused the boss of postponing the police, despite hearing shots that were fired and informed that wounded children were in the classrooms and that a teacher had been shot.

Arredondo called for a SWAT team, ordered the first similar officers to leave the building and tried to negotiate with the 18-year-old shooter, says the indictment.

Gonzales was accused of leaving his training and not confronting the shooter, even after hearing shots when he stood in one go.

All taxes are the crime of state agreement that transports up to two years in prison if they are convicted.

In an interview in 2022, Arredondo said with Texas Tribune that he tried to "eliminate any threats and to protect the students and employees".No laws or policy for school district breaking.

The first American law enforcement officer who once tried not to act during a shooting on campus was a representative of the Sheriff campus in Florida, who did not go to the class building and confronted the perpetrator of the 2018 Parkland Massacre.was acquittedof neglect of crimes last year.


The families strive for accountability of authorities in other state and federal courts.

Two days before the two -year birthday of the shooting, the families submitted 19 victims$ 500 million testAgainst nearly 100 state police officers who were part of the confused response.

The same families also reached a settlement of $ 2 million with the city, with the leaders of the city promising higher standards for hiring and training the local police.

A group of families on 24 MaySuspected meta platforms, possessing Instagram and the manufacturer of Videogames Call of Duty about requirements, because companies are responsible for the weapons used by the teenager shooter.

They also brought another lawsuit against arms producer Daniel Defense, who made the shooter in AR-Stijl rifle.

How accusing against 2 uval -skecol polies that some families still leaves frustrated (2024)
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