County after provincial destination rules varied greatly different (2024)

Sheridan - outside the borders of the city, most land in Sheridan County is zoned agriculture, with a few exceptions that can be industrial, rural living or other names.

"For the most part, the province is zoned AG, and when people want to make a subdivision as long as it fits within our extensive plan, (officials) will make them change the zoning," said Paul Fall, Sheridan County Assessor said.

Just over a million hectare is zoned and taxed as agricultural land in the province.

But not all Wyoming friends work in the same way.

Sheridan County adopted zoning plans in 1985, after the state legislator authorized the provinces to do this around the head of the government and Herschler, Sheridan County planner Mark Reid said.

In the same era, civil servants also demanded that provinces and municipalities take on extensive plans to guide the development as the population of Wyoming jumped with the oil and gas industry.

"I was not there at the time, but I suspect that the reasons were a lot and varied, and I am sure it was a hot topic at the time," said Reid.

One of the reasons why Sheridan County has zoning plans is, according to Reid, to make Sheridan County's extensive plan that guides these document guides in a way that makes sense to the province, said Reid.described in the State State 18-5-306.

But a plan cannot only be enforced, said Reid.

"The only way to enforce this plan or to introduce goals and cards and policy are through zoning," said Reid., is the plan (ineffective).

Rezone requests are usually evaluated by Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Directors of County Commissioners, Continued Reid.List of the names and addresses of all owners of owners within half a kilometer of the proposed rezone, whose application area has been zoned for "A-agricultural" or 500 feet when presented in another destination district.must also be included.

In a suitable letter, applicants must explain how the proposed change in land use or zoning plans influences health, safety and general well -being for the citizens of Sheridan County, and whether a change is in accordance with the extensive plan of the province.Research the possible effect of the rezone on the nature of the surrounding community, landowners and/or agriculture and potential effects on roads, water, sewerage and traffic volumes.

All influences are compared with the extensive plan of the province and the future land use plan.

"Ideally, we try to update the extensive plan every fifth to 10 years," said Reid.

Similar procedures are followed in many provinces.

Outside Cheyenne requires Laramie County that zoning plans of district card changes or regulations by the planning committee are consistent with the plans and policy of the province before it is approved by a higher body.

Park County requires applicants to show new use, and the construction is in accordance with "applicable legal requirements" in the non -link -corporate areas of the province.

"Everyone can build what they want,"

But in other provinces in the entire state, no zoning plans are used outside the city limits.

This is the case in places such as Bighorn, Johnson and Fremont County.

"Everyone can build what they want in the Graafschap," said Steve Baumann, director of Fremont County Planning and national

For the most part, the Big Horn County also has no zoning, according to Paul Thur, Big Horn County Airport Manager and Country Planning Manager.Five parties or less or one larger subdivision application for more than five parties on their property.

"The only two exceptions to my answers" No Zoning "are flood zones and airport protection zones," Thur said.

Much of the discrepancy from province to province speaks to the importance of officials who are placed on local control.

"Our process is very limited to how much supervision we do" That is very fast and easy.

Campbell County has no provincial zoning plans, but most subdivisions are zoned and specify how the country can be used and planned construction must have an individualized earth report for safety reasons.

"They really follow a hands-off approach here in Campbell County," said the pros.

This story was published on July 3, 2024.

County after provincial destination rules varied greatly different (2024)
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