Can you figure out that this brainteaser is 'only for geniuses'? (2024)

A brainteaser involving what looks like a simple math problem involving McDonald's burgers and fries has left people hungry for the right answer.

The latest math head scratcher to seduce the internet wasposted on Facebookby a Philippines-based blogger named Keril, who wrote that there are "98% mistakes" when it comes to solving them.

Can you figure out that this brainteaser is 'only for geniuses'? (1)

More than 1,600 people have tried it and many have given incorrect answers.

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The key is to first determine how much each item is worth. The drink is clearly worth 10, and the second line shows that the burgers are worth five.

Images of the fries are worth two each, but you have to remember that each individual package of fries is worth one when you get to the next line. This has misled people into thinking that the last line is 5 + 2 x 10.

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The fourth rule has also put off many people because it involves sequencing actions after the difficult single-pack fritter had already been recorded.

Multiplication takes precedence over addition, so multiply a packet of fries by a drink and then add it to a burger. So 5 + (1x10) = 15.

That's enough brain-bending math to whet your appetite.

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Can you figure out that this brainteaser is 'only for geniuses'? (2024)


Can you solve this 2x1 6x6? ›

The answer to the expression 2x1 + 6x6 is 38. To calculate the expression 2x1 + 6x6, we perform the multiplication first and then the addition. Therefore, the answer to the expression 2x1 + 6x6 is 38.

What is a brainteaser question? ›

Brain teaser questions are designed to assess how you think under pressure and the steps you take to get to a certain question. These types of questions are frequently asked in IT or management consulting positions but can be used in interviews for other jobs as well.

What is the answer to 11 11 4 22 22 16 then 33 33? ›

Answer will be 36. 11*11=4 -> (1+1)*(1+1)=4, 22*22=16 -> (2+2)*(2+2)=16. Hence, 33*33 -> (3+3)*(3+3)=36. answer is 36.

What are brain puzzles called? ›

A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires thought to solve. It often requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind; sometimes it also involves lateral thinking. Logic puzzles and riddles are specific types of brain teasers.

What is the bodmas rule? ›

The Bodmas rule follows the order of the BODMAS acronym ie B – Brackets, O – Order of powers or roots, D – Division, M – Multiplication A – Addition, and S – Subtraction. Mathematical expressions with multiple operators need to be solved from left to right in the order of BODMAS.

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Nov 6, 2012

What is the bucket question? ›

The bucket model for answering questions is simply thinking of all the hundreds of questions that you could be asked to answer and then sorting them into common themes or buckets.

What is the answer to the riddle 11 11x11 11? ›

You would first do 11x11 which is 121 so then you are left with 11-121+11 so then you would subtract 121 from 11 which is -110 so now you have -110+11 which is -99. So the answer to 11-11×11+11 is -99.

What is the answer to the missing number 31 29 24 22 17? ›

So the answer is a = 15.

Could you find the next number in the sequence 1 5 14 30 55? ›

Hence, the next term in the series is 91.

What type of puzzles increase IQ? ›

Wooden brain teasers, thousand-piece jigsaws, and three-dimensional mechanical puzzles are just a few of the puzzle types that have been shown to boost cognitive function and memory retention.

What's higher than a king? ›

Emperors are generally recognized to be of the highest monarchic honour and rank, surpassing kings.

What is a puzzle addict called? ›

A "dissectologist" is a term used to describe jigsaw puzzle solvers who consider themselves puzzle enthusiasts, and for some, professional puzzlers. It can also be applied to individuals who have a puzzle hobby and enjoy working on a jigsaw whenever there is downtime.

What is the answer to 2x1 6x6? ›

The answer is, 2×1+6×6=48. What are the order of the operations? This is the order in which all expressions should be simplified.

Is 6x6 a perfect square? ›

I realized that 36 = 6x6, a "perfect square" (draw your own conclusions), and had the outrageous idea to create a puzzle of those dimensions with no black squares.

What is 6x6 in multiplication? ›

6 x 6 = 36. six times six is equal to thirty six.

Do you do PEMDAS if there is no parenthesis? ›

Parentheses are the first operation to solve in an equation. If there are no parentheses, then move through the order of operations (PEMDAS) until you find an operation you do have and start there.

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