Best Free Kodi -Adds -What are some additions that still offer free movies, TV shows and more (2024)

Best Free Kodi -Adds -What are some additions that still offer free movies, TV shows and more (1)

  • Free

Free is a new AIO (all-in-one) add-onDejava -repositoryIt offers a sea of ​​films, TV programs, documentaries, TV channels, collecting TV, sports replacements, comedy shows, children's TVs, music, radio and more.The advertisem*nts.

Free Installation -Instructions

  • Poison (versions 4.1.5 and earlier)

Venom is a frequently updated Exodus fork that the gigantic user stock has taken over from the Dead Exodus Redux/V8.SENT has a great adjustment, wide range of monitoring support, many practical functions and the new car playback function.More free links.

Unfortunately, the developer team decided to turn it into a Debrid-Alleen addiction in the latest update, but you can still use for free VenomDowngrade from Gif to version 4.1.5.

GIF installation manual

  • Scrubs v2

Scrubs V2 is a special It works with Debrid services, but not like others in its kindMarsh, Gif inTurnIt has finally removed free Hoster -Support, Scrub V2, still offers free streams.

Scrubs V2 Installation -Instructions

  • Storm

Tempest is one of the best free movies and TV shows.

If you are looking for free live -tv, TV channels, you can check outTEMPTV ADDONFrom the same depot, also a free add -on.

Tempest Installation Manual

  • Chains sinisters

Chains Sinisters is a community-Add-on that has been developed to integrate content of different additions to offer all-in-one content.New films and collection TVs.

Chains The Installation Guide of the Sinister

  • M-e-t-v

M-E-T-V is a well-maintained film and TV shows Addon vanEzzermacs repository.Here you can find from old to new quality films, black and white films, TV shows, documentaries, box, music and more.That works quickly.

M-E-T-V Installation instructions

  • Highlight

APEX Addon is a film and TV program Addon from Magnetic Repository.t.vis TV -Shows Section is a great place to enjoy Disney Plus, Apple TV and TV Networks.Animations, comics and live sports with Apex Addon.

• Bron -URL:

  • The team

The crew is a new Exodus fork added with many niches categories.stand up, fitness, food and brewery, radio, p*rn and more.Although left on the crew can be hit, the content on the herd is free to look at.

Installation -Instructions of the crew

  • Element

Elementum is a rather successful fork ofKader, a direct torrent streaming/download -Add -in with many practical functions.

Note that when using elementum a decent VPN may be needed to ensure anonymous streaming from Torrent.And Elementum is not compatible with Debrid services.

Item Installation Manual

  • Oblique BB

Releasebb is a continuously updated film and TV program -Addon from Bugatsinho -Get beaten to view stage releases.

Let BB -installation -instructions

  • Nemesis Aio

Nemesis Aio is more than a nice collection, a well-structured library for composite films, TV programs, live sports, representations, music and radio, documentaries, animations, children, webcams, game videos and XXX content.nemesis aio also usesPin systemFrom where the developer team can benefit from maintaining the constant update.

Nemesis AIO Installatiehandleiding

  • Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux cannot be a strange name for Kodi Old Timers as the most popular fork of the old God.Exodus Redux has no longer been maintained since March, while the Scraper Package OpenScraper module is not, which makes Exodus Redux still a reliable choice finding links to some films and TV programs that other additions have not been successful.

Exodus Redux installation manual

  • The Red Queen

The Red Queen Addon is one of the not many old additions that still work today and now in Racoon City Repository., Live IPTV, Distro -TV, Catchup TV, Sport, Dailymotion and more for users Atnyd without costs.

De Red Queen Installation Guide

  • Lubricated lighting

After the butter of the cinema is closed, the maker MTB team has developed a good work replacement for the Born Lightning Movie Cinema is a updated film and TV program - Adon, which contains beautiful collections that come from abundant free and free andDebride - providers.

Gids Guide Guide to Smunged Lighting

  • Clicksville

Clicksville, located in the last Kingdom Repository, is a new video addon that is multifunctional, consists of impressive 1 click collections.Real-debridAnd the non-debrid zone deals with the latest films, sci-fi films, horror films, classic westerns, box and collections and TV program.Looking for old or nichet titles.

Clicksville installatiehandleiding

  • Clowns replica (currently not available)

Clown's Replica is an AIO -ADD -On vanCy4Root -repositoryThat's one of the bestBest Kodi -StockersIt offers a lot of free Schaperdeerdeerde.Clowns Replica offers free links to films, TV programs, documentaries, sports, IPTV, children's content, radio and more.

Bron -URL:

  • Rogue

Rogue One Kodi Addon is a new All-in-One-Updon of the Wizard Repository by Narcacist, who also contains the newAsgard addon, the best alternative to the abandonedThe Magical Dragon AddonBy the year 2021 you can find enough 1080p free films from the part about Non -debrid -Film.debrid -Links and free scraper link available in other sections.

Rogue One Installation Guide

  • Revolution

The new revolution Kodi Addon vanDejava -repositoryIs another great Exodus fork.Revolution Addon is a built -in -in -scraper package with open scraper support.

Revolution Installation Manual

  • Grog

Grogu is a new film and TV program -Adon from the new Bridal Pository of Chipmantech (developer).Grogu Addon supplies Debride films and TV programs, free movies with 1 click, IPTV and live TV channels and content for adults.

Grogu -installation -instructions

  • Eden

The Eeden is a multi-source and multi-scraper-pack added with a basic scraper package, and it also supports open scrapers, an updated scraper package that contains Exodus Redux work.

Oath -Installation -Instructions

  • Hades

Hades is a new Video-ADON from Racoon City Repository.hades Addon offers free links to films, TV programs, documentaries and new film releases, all in incredible HD quality..

Hades Installation Guide

  • Sorting line

Black Lightning is a new film and TV shows Add-on from Cman's Wizard Repository.Black Lightning supports the following, filters and 1-click games, which offers stable free streams and buffering debridstroom.

Black Lightning Installatiehandleiding

Best Free Kodi -Adds -What are some additions that still offer free movies, TV shows and more (2024)
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