A random encounter with Katie Sigmond (2024)

It is Friday evening and after a long week you and some of your boys go on the beach for a night of eating, drinking and relaxing.Your table, catch something or rather and rather any eye.

That someone is Katie Sigmond, someone who got you back a while, and now she is here in the same restaurant as you by pure coincidence.She does the same and stares back to you while you just sit away from her and her friends on a few tables.

After a few minutes you order your drinks and start talking to your friends.Stadig you and keep looking at each other before you finally lock your eyes and you look at while they mouth something for you.Bathroom ", then after she gets up and leads that way, you wait a minute or two and follow your hair.

You look at your head in the women's room and whisper;

You - "Katie, you here?"

Katie - "Yes, think it's empty."

You get in and see Katie waiting for you.

You - hi ... what are the opportunities, right? "

Katie - "Yes, almost as if you are chasing me or something ..."

You - "Ha ... you know what they say ... Small world I assume."

Katie - "Uh he ... for sure."

You - "Anyway ... you look nice tonight ..."

Katie - "Thank you, you also look pretty hot."

You - "uh please ..."

Katie - "And it makes your friends ..."

Dig - "WhatsApp-"

Katie - "Hello, be honest with me ... How often do you think about that night with Jordyn and I?"

You - "Like ... a lot ... one of the best nights of my life with certainty ..."

Katie - "Hm ... I think a lot about it ... And you suddenly see here ... Your friends ... My Spirit is struggling with ideas ..."

You - "I think I will like where this is going ..."

Katie - "I think you ... too ..."

She grabs your shirt and pulls you against her and starts to hit the world without worry in the women's room.

After a short but intense make -out session, you will lose Katie's lips.

You -"here?"

Katie - "No ... my place is close."

You - "What are we waiting for then ..."

You pull Katie off her feet and start walking to the door.

Katie - "Wait ... I wondered ... you know ... the last time ... there I wasInJordyn ... So ... "

You - "I've never seen you that flust ... It's cute."

Katie - "Silent ... it's ... hard to ask."

You - "Do you want me to return a friend of my friends to your place so that we can f*ck you? Is that what you are trying to ask?"

Katie - "I mean ... yes almost. But as if you are not cool with it, I can be normal and you ... as long as I and you are there, it will be a good time."

You - "I have never been so suggested to that earlier ... I am flattered."

Katie - "Silent ... so ... what do you feel?"

You - "I don't know ... can I think about it?"

Katie - "Safe ... me and the girls will probably be ready as ... 20 minutes. I am waiting for you at my car."

You - "Cool ... are there, especially one of my friends who attracted your attention?"

Katie - "Not really, they are all hot ... Who has the biggest dick?"

You - "We don't talk about it really."

Katie - "Really? Girls talk about their tit* all the time ... Yes, then ... I don't know ... just choose someone you think I can follow."

You - "I do my best."

Katie - "Okay, goodbye, darling ... don't keep me waiting."

She kisses you again and seize your steps while she walks past you and walk back to the restaurant, leaving you alone in the women's room with your thoughts.

You ensure that the coast is ready before you go back in the dining room and back to your table, where your friends all speak among themselves.

John - "Yo, do you see the blonde chicken there? Isn't it a gut? Katie ... Katie something ..."

Devin - "Sigmond? The one with the crazy ass?"

John - "Yes ... it is her right?"

Tyler - "It's certain she."

Devin - "You just have to have passed her through the bathroom bridge, are you talking to her?"

You - "Huh? No ... I didn't see her. Certainly not her."

Kyle - "Smart ... She seems like a sturdy bitch ..."

TYLER - "You have never met her bridge how the hell would you know."

John - "No, he is right, total bitch energy."

Tyler - "Silent. Dev?"

Devin - "Seems like a puss*."

You - "Hot .."

Alles - "Crazy f*cking Hot ..."

Your friends remain bicking as you think and soon Katie is finished with her wine and then says to her friends.Before turning around and goes to the exit.

Kyle - "Bro, that bitch just flashed to me!"

Devin - "Open damn, she didn't!"

Kyle - "She did it all the way! John did you see that sh*t, right?"

John - "I saw her blinking, not for you tho ..."

Tyler - "Why doesn't it even care because she is such a sturdy bitch?"

Kyle - "Bro Look at the damn ass ... do you think I would be interested in her attitude while she supports it on me?"

Devin - "Yes, she didn't blink for your guy, sorry."

Tyler - "Yo, why are you so quiet?"

John - "Don't tell me that you are thinking about running behind her bridge ... I hate to shoot you like that ..."

You - "Man you f*ck. I'm going after her. I wish myself good luck.

Devin - "You're crazy man ..."

John - "haha f*ck ... good luck brother."

Kyle - "Ask her if she blinked for me, Bro!"

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A random encounter with Katie Sigmond (2024)
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